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"Debut Album"

2013-06-21 21:43:22 by Legodude2000

Damn, it's been a while since I've posted something. Well, anyway for the last year I've been studying and learning how to do music through my keyboard and drums. So as you may or may not have seen I posted two songs: A Jumble of Rhythm & Shit and Epic Remix Guy!, which will be the intro songs for my "debut album" I will release online for free sometime in the year. I know it's retarded calling it that since I'm nowhere near professional and I've got no record company or anyone supporting me, so I guess I'll call it a "test album" to see if you guys think it's good or crap. Adios. Tell me what you think about this below.


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2013-07-14 18:53:24

I honestly can't wait. ;P

Legodude2000 responds:

Thanks broham.


2013-07-28 04:00:02

Most succesful artists started with no supporters and did not have a record deal. Except that cunt rebecka black.

Legodude2000 responds:

Yeah, I know right, she didn't even fucking deserve that record deal, hell anyone deserved it! Anyway thanks man.